Tree Trimming

Guide to Trimming Trees Along City Streets

The Streets Division asks for the public's cooperation in keeping trees located along city streets trimmed correctly. This applies to trees located in the space between the street and sidewalk.

This graphic shows the areas above the street and sidewalks that need to be kept clear of all limbs and branches. The areas with diagonal lines show where this tree would need to be trimmed back to. Keeping this area clear allows pedestrians and cars to avoid contact with branches, and also provides a clear line of sight. Residents are encouraged to do the trimming if they wish. Otherwise, city crews will need to come in and do the work, which might not be done with as much artistic touch as a homeowner would consider doing.

Please take a few moments to check your trees. If you find they need trimming and you wish to do the work, it is suggested it be completed as soon as you're able.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

Graphic representing the areas on a tree needing trimmed.