Meetings & Agendas


City Council

Date Agenda Agenda Packet Agenda Summary Audio Recordings Minutes
01/19/21 View Here View Here       n/a  View Here    n/a
01/05/21 View Here View Here  View Here  View Here    n/a
12/15/20 View Here View Here  View Here  View Here    n/a
12/01/20 View Here View Here  View Here  View Here View Here

Final Meeting Packets include records submitted during the City Council meeting.                         View Here

Civil Service Commission

Date Agenda Minutes Audio/Video Recording
11/12/20 View Here    n/a          Listen Here

Hearing Examiner

Date Staff Report Project Exhibits Application Audio/Video Recording Public Comment to Date Decision
12/16/20 View Here View Here View Here View Here View Here View Here
12/3/20 View Here View Here View Here View Here None View Here
6/23/20 View Here View Here
View Here
View Here  

Previous Hearing Examiner Meeting Audio and Exhibit Packets Available Here.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Date Agenda Packet Audio
01/21/21 View Here  
11/12/20 View Here Watch Here
09/24/20 View Here Watch Here
02/24/20 View Here Listen Here
Previous Meetings View Older Listen to Older

Parks, Recreation & Beautification Commission

Date              Agenda                        Minutes                                   Audio
10/13/20 View Agenda N/A
02/20/20 View Agenda View Minutes
02/13/20 View Agenda View Minutes
12/19/19 View Agenda View Minutes
1/18/18 View Agenda View Minutes
All Other  View Older  View Older

Planning Commission

Date Agenda Packet Minutes Meeting  Recording
01/20/2021 View Agenda Packet n/a n/a
01/13/2021 View Agenda Packet View Draft Minutes  n/a
12/09/20 View Agenda Packet View Draft Minutes Watch
11/12/20 View Agenda Packet View Minutes Watch
10/13/20 View Agenda View Minutes n/a
All Other View Older  View Older Listen to or Watch Older

Public Safety Advisory Board

Date Agenda Packet Minutes  Audio
01/20/21 View Agenda Packet    
12/16/20 Break for Holidays    
11/18/20 View Agenda Packet  View Minutes Listen Here
10/21/20 View Agenda Packet Listen Here