Solid Waste Utility

Solid Waste Collections Truck

Roles & Responsibilities

The Solid Waste Utility manages the waste from most parts of Clallam County. We are responsible for curbside collection within the City limits of Port Angeles, and for collection and disposal at the Blue Mountain and Regional Transfer Stations. The city contracts with Waste Connections, Inc. for all services except for garbage collection within the city limits and Transfer Station scale operations, which is done by City utility staff.

Solid Waste provides information and educational services for waste reduction, backyard composting, recycling, proper hazardous waste disposal, natural yard care, and how to use finished compost. To receive printed materials, email the Solid Waste Collections Coordinator.

Choose to Conserve, North Olympic Waste Reduction"Choose to Conserve" is the theme of the solid waste reduction and recycling program for the North Olympic Peninsula. The mountains in the logo convey the beautiful environment, and the arrow represents the circular nature of life and the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Solid Waste Management Plan

The Clallam County Solid Waste Management Plan is a collaborative effort between Clallam County and the cities of Port Angeles and Sequim. The plan was updated in 2021 as required by state law (70.95 RCW) and can be found on the Clallam County website.  

To view the Solid Waste Management Plan, please click here.

Clallam County Solid Waste Advisory Committee

The Clallam County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) develops programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal. The committee is made up of citizens, public interest groups, businesses, waste management industry, and local elected officials. They meet the third Thursday of every other month at the Clallam County Courthouse in Port Angeles.

For more information about SWAC, call the Clallam County Public Works Department at 360-417-2441. The 2014 update of the Clallam County Comprehensive Solid Waste Plan can be found on the Clallam County website.


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