Public Works & Utilities

Operations & Maintenance

Administration & Supervision
An overview of the Operations & Maintenance side of Public Works.

Solid Waste Utility
Explore the Solid Waste page for information on garbage collection, household hazardous waste, recycling, composting, and more.
Light Operations
Have questions about power outages, street lights, electrical permits, or inspections? Planning on installing a new fence or tilling for a new garden? The Light Operations page will help answer any questions you may have.

Water Utility
The Water Utility page includes information on water source options, water treatment, distribution system, water use efficiency, and water agreements, among others.
Wastewater Utility
Learn about the collection and treatment of wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial uses.
Stormwater Utility
Access information on the Stormwater Utility including history, how to report spills, and more.

Streets Division
For information on maintenance of city streets and sidewalks, public parking areas and more, view the Streets Division page.
Equipment Services
Equipment Services maintains a fleet of 224 units, keeping vehicles and equipment road ready and safe for city staff.

Engineering Services

For information on planning, construction, design, and more, visit the Engineering Services page.

Power Systems

Power Management
Among Power Management's responsibilities are power supply and transmission contracts, utility rates, and long term power supply planning. Conservation is also a part of Power Management and promotes electric and water conservation, along with providing information on conservation rebates.