Public Works & Utilities


The Public Works & Utilities Department plans, organizes, coordinates, and directs maintenance and operation activities. It also coordinates the integration of all utility and other maintenance functions for the City.


The Operations division is organized to provide management and leadership to the City's public works utilities: Streets and Stormwater, Wastewater, Water, Light Operations, Equipment Services, and Solid Waste. Each of these utilities is managed by a well qualified superintendent who reports to the Deputy Director of Public Works & Utilities.

Staff Contact

The Deputy Director of Public Works & Utilities assists the Director in overseeing the maintenance and operation activities of the Public Works & Utilities department.


The maintenance facility for the City is located at 1703 South B Street, Port Angeles, WA 98363 and the Light Operations Division is located at 1734 West Highway 101, Port Angeles, WA 98363.

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