Current Projects and Plans

This page is dedicated to providing you with information on current civic projects, land use applications being processed, long range plans, and regulatory guidance documents that all benefit from public participation and input.

Land Use Projects Under Review

Contact Planning Division Staff at (360) 417-4750 or with any inquiries related to the below land use permit and project applications currently under review.

CUP Application No. 23-16

Application Type: Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 
Applicant: Propane Northwest 
Proposal: Establishment of an above-ground gas storage facility consisting of two propane tanks and a refilling area.
Location:  Parcel No. 06-30-18-14-0025 (484 Eclipse Industrial Parkway)
Zone: Industrial, Heavy (IH)
Public Notice: Click Here 
Application Packet: Click Here
SEPA Determination : Categorically Exempt  
Virtual Public Hearing: Click Here
Staff Report: Click Here

Municipal Code Amendment No. 23-41

Application Type: Municipal Code Amendment (MCA)
Applicant: City of Port Angeles 
Proposal: Amend Title 17 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code accessory dwelling unit development standards and R7, Residential Mixed Density development standards.  
Location: Citywide (Non-project action) 
Zone: All zones allowing ADUs 
Public Notice: Click Here 
Draft Amendment: Click Here
SEPA Determination: Click Here
Notice of SEPA Adoption No. 1467: Click Here 
Ordinance No. 3718: Click Here 

Conditional Use Permit Application No. 23-68

Application Type: Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 
Applicant: Dominic Laigo
Proposal: Establish a new Short-Term Rental in an existing single-household dwelling.
Location:  Parcel No. 06-30-00-02-0345; 617 South Peabody Street
Zone: Commercial Office (CO)
Public Notice: Click Here 
Application Packet: Click Here 
SEPA Determination : Categorically Exempt  
Virtual Public Hearing: Click Here
Staff Report: Forthcoming 

Currently Planned Civic Projects

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Long Range Plans 

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