Climate Resiliency Plan

The years long Climate Resiliency Plan effort is coming to a close with the first of two planned public hearings for the adoption of the Plan. Opportunities to make public comment are provided below in a list and also in the formal joint public notice of the Hearings and SEPA Determination (No. 1448). For more information on the project please visit the City's dedicated Meetings and Agendas Page.

  • Planning Commission public hearing on 5/11 to discuss the Climate Resiliency Plan. 
  • City Council work session on 5/17 (5-6 PM) to review the Climate Resiliency Plan in detail. Public comments can be made in the City Council meeting following the workshop.
  • Planning Commission meeting on 5/25, if needed, to have additional discussion on Resiliency Plan.
  • City Council meeting on 6/7 to conduct a first reading of the Resiliency Plan.
  • City Council Meeting on 6/21 to decide on approval of the Climate Resiliency Plan

Link To Staff Report Documents:

Staff Report
Appendix A – Draft Climate Action Plan 
Appendix B – Greenhouse Gas Inventory Council Memo
Appendix C – Kick Off Meeting Notes
Appendix D – Public Outreach Plan
Appendix E – Planning Commission Comprehensive Plan SWOT Analysis
Appendix F – November 19 Workshop Results
Appendix G – March 16 Workshop Results
Appendix H – MCA Approach
Appendix I  MCA Matrix
Appendix J  Appendix J  - CAPG MCA Results

Appendix K - Public Comment Matrix

Link to SEPA Determination

  1. What is the Climate Resiliency Plan?
  2. How Can I Get Involved?
  3. Meeting Agendas and Recordings
  4. Planning Process Background
  5. Educational Resources
  6. Project Deliverables
  7. Climate Action Event Calendar

The Port Angeles Climate Resiliency Plan is a roadmap to increasing our City and community’s resilience to sea level rise, increased drought, and other climate impacts while doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Plan’s focus on resilience also means it will bolster public health and emergency management services, support affordable housing and fair development, improve public transit and walkability, and support local, living wage green jobs. The Climate Resiliency Plan will build on existing work the City has done and identify new opportunities for ambitious, feasible, and equitable climate action. As a result, Port Angeles will join cities around Washington State in meeting the state goal to be carbon neutral by 2050 and preparing residents and businesses for future climate change.