Planning Division

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Planning is a rational way of preparing for the future. It involves the gathering and analysis of data, the examination of possible future trends, the consideration of alternative scenarios, analysis of costs and benefits of those scenarios, choosing a preferred scenario, and a plan for implementation.
         - Community Planning by Eric Kelly and Barbara Becker

Planners have many resources to assist them in the decision making process, most important of which are the voice of the community, its leadership organizations, and its elected and appointed officials. With the assistance of these resources, planners can develop documents, such as the Port Angeles Comprehensive Plan, the Shoreline Master Program, various portions of the Port Angeles Municipal Code that regulate zoning, environmentally sensitive areas, subdivisions, parking, street trees and the urban forest, commercial signage, and growth management. These documents and resources guide the Planning Division in administrating, reviewing, and recommending outcomes that effect the future form and development within the City of Port Angeles.