Envisioning Port Angeles Municipal Code Update

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Project Overview

Why We’re Updating the Code

The PAMC consists of 241 chapters divided among 17 titles. Many of these codes have been in existence for more than fifty years or have been amended piecemeal since the City began adopting municipal ordinances in 1890. Over the past 15+ years, both City staff and councils have acknowledged the need for a comprehensive review of and update to the PAMC, resulting in the City Council authorizing the PAMC Code Audit Project. This Project is related to, but separate from, the updates to the zoning, building, and development codes, and addresses every title of the PAMC except Titles 14, 16, and 17.

Project Objectives

  • Eliminate all provisions of the PAMC that do not appear to equitably benefit the health, safety, or welfare of all people of Port Angeles.
  • Add provisions to the PAMC that increase public health, equity, community safety for the most vulnerable community members, and general welfare, to create a more resilient, vibrant, walkable, and livable city.
  • Address compliance and/or conflicts with current law.
  • Eliminate outdated provisions.
  • Create internal consistency and uniformity in definitions, interpretation, and syntax, reduce tentacles, and reorganize, all for a more usable and customer-friendly code.

Project Funding

The City is leveraging State grant funding ($50,000) to accomplish this work.

Project Schedule

The project started in fall 2020 and will be completed by fall 2021. Specific steps are shown below.






Project Startup & Initial Presentation

Fall 2020



Staff/Stakeholder Interviews

Dec 2020 – April 2021



Code Analysis

Fall 2020



Preliminary Concepts & Recommendations

April - May 2021



Code Update Public Workshop

July 13,2021 @ 5:30-7:00 PM

Watch the Workshop


First Draft Code Updates

August – September 2021



City Council Code Review and Adoption (as ready)

Beginning Fall/Winter 2021