Light Operations (electric utility)

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The Light Operations Division of the Public Works Department operates and maintains a system of 8.8 miles of 69kV subtransmission, 127 miles of overhead, 42 miles of underground 12.47kV distribution system, and 7 substations. Light Operations serves approximately 10,750 customers within the 13.5 square mile city limits of Port Angeles.

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Life Support Power Outage Notification

Continued electrical service is vitally important for our customers who depend on electrically powered medical equipment. The City of Port Angeles maintains a list of customers who use such equipment and want to be notified in the event of a planned power outage. If you would like to be placed on the list, please complete and submit the registration form:

Register for Power Outage Notifications

Due to systems limitations, the City of Port Angeles is not able to provide priority response to those using life support medical equipment during the restoration process. This makes it imperative that customers with special needs take precautions in case the power is out for extended periods of time.

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