Special Utility Programs

The City offers a number of special programs for utility customers to ensure that utility service is safe, efficient, and affordable for all. Special programs include conservation, budget payment, the Pass the Buck program, energy credits, low income discount, underground utility locates, and backflow protection inspections. Eligibility requirements vary by program.

Pass the Buck

The City of Port Angeles is experiencing high unemployment at a time when prices for basic needs such as food, housing, energy, and health care are increasing. This situation is worsened by cutbacks in social services by state, local, and federal governments due to budget shortfalls. With these circumstances, it is not surprising that requests for financial assistance are on the rise.

The City of Port Angeles has a voluntary contribution utility assistance program called Pass the Buck, which provides funds to help those in need pay their electric bills in emergency situations. This program assists qualified low-income city residential customers in paying their utility bill. The Pass the Buck program is entirely funded from your contributions.

Backflow Inspection Program

If you install a fire sprinkler or lawn / landscape irrigation system, you are required to install a backflow prevention device on the waterline feeding the system. The backflow prevention device stops water that could become contaminated from getting back into the domestic water system.

These devices require an annual inspection to ensure that they are working properly, and you may have the city or a private contractor do the inspection. To find out more about the Backflow Inspection Program or to arrange an inspection, please call 360-417-4855 or email us.

Call Before You Dig Logo

Call Before You Dig Program

State law requires individuals to notify all utility providers prior to digging, or be subject to a fine plus be responsible for any damage they may do to the utility line(s). Individuals are encouraged to call before they undertake any project that involves digging down more than 12 inches.

Call Before you Dig is a free service. Please call 1-800-424-5555 (or Call 811 website) at least 48 hours before you dig, and we'll mark the location of all known underground power, water, and/or sewer lines in the area where you intend to dig. By having us locate the buried utilities, you are released from any liability should you dig and inadvertently damage an unmarked utility line. Please visit the Call Before You Dig page for more information.