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Pebble Beach Park


  1. Open Grass Areas
  2. Park Benches
  3. Parking
  4. Rental Facility
  5. Viewing Tower
  6. Walking Paths
  7. Water
  8. Waterfront Trail Access

In 2019, the City approved the renaming of West End Park to sŋaʔŋáʔant (Pebble) cáwŋən (Beach) ʔəssaqɬúŋt (Park) in both Klallam and English. Click here to hear to the pronunciation of sŋaʔŋáʔant cáwŋən ʔəssaqɬúŋt, spoken by Klallam Language Teacher Wendy Sampson. 

Located where Front Street and Oak Streets meet, sŋaʔŋáʔant cáwŋən ʔəssaqɬúŋt - Pebble Beach Park features two sand pocket beaches with water access, plazas, a viewing platform, lawn and gathering space, benches, nearby public restrooms and parking, and access to the Waterfront Trail and Esplanade.

Events & Rentals

sŋaʔŋáʔant cáwŋən ʔəssaqɬúŋt - Pebble Beach Park is a popular destination for events and festivals. For more information on renting the park, please contact Rob Merritt at or 360-417-4523.