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Lincoln Park

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  1. BMX Track
  2. Clubhouse
  3. Disc Golf Course
  4. Dog Park
  5. Dog Waste Bag Dispensers
  6. Loomis Rentals
  7. Open Field
  8. Picnic Tables
  9. Playground
  10. Restrooms
  11. Trails
  12. Water
  13. Youth Baseball Field

Lincoln Park is in the area of 1500 West Lauridsen Boulevard, just east of the Fairchild International Airport. Two ponds in the northeastern corner are home to many different species of ducks and birds. Fishing is available for youth 14 years of age and younger without a license.


 Lincoln Park is a part of a United States Military Reserve established in 1862. It was dedicated to public use in 1904 through the efforts of Dr. Freeborn Stanton Lewis, pioneer physician, and then mayor of Port Angeles.

Lincoln Park Dedication Marker

Dedication Marker

 A dedication marker was erected by the Michael Trebert Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1932.

Facilities Available for Rent

 The Clubhouse and Loomis buildings are available for rent. These rustic structures are suitable for small meetings and other events. To rent these facilities contact the Rob Merritt at or 360-417-4523.

Dog Park

Lincoln Park is also home to the Port Angeles Dog Park, which provides two large fenced in areas for dogs to play off leash based on size. 

Disc Golf Course

The disc golf at Lincoln Park is a favorite of many. Visit The Port Angeles Disc Golf Association's page on the Professional Disc Golf Associate website here.

BMX Track

The Lincoln Park BMX Association runs the BMX track on the corner of South L Street and West Lauridsen Boulevard. For more information, visit