Trespass Enforcement Program

The Port Angeles Police Department implemented the Trespass Enforcement Program in an effort to assist business owners and property managers with issues related to loitering and trespassing during non-business hours, or when they're absent from the premises. When an owner has identified a trespassing problem at his or her business or property, the owner or legal representative may request this service. This is a voluntary program. This program does not increase the police patrolling of your property.

Enrollment into the Trespass Enforcement Program requires the Trespass Form (PDF) to be filled out and submitted to PAPD. Once the form is completed and returned we will contact you for follow up into the program and an overview of how the program works.

To ensure that potential violators have an understanding of the restrictions related to the property, participants in this program will be required to post signs (PDF) at all reasonable vehicle and pedestrian entry points. These signs will state "No Trespassing/No Loitering. Violators will be prosecuted." The purchase and installation of signage is the responsibility of the property owner or management. Businesses must post signs which cite code/RCW primarily used when business is closed.

Note: This program is intended to cover issues when an owner or manager is not present on the property. Officers will still respond to requests for assistance when an on-site manager or owner reports an incident through dispatch.


Loitering is an activity in which someone remains in a public area for an extended period of time without a specific purpose or for a purpose which is illegal. Under this program, the Port Angeles Police Department will only take action when the owner/manager is not present and when the loitering is linked with activities such as obstructing passage along a road or sidewalk, panhandling, solicitation, public intoxication or consuming alcohol, camping, living in a vehicle, disturbing the peace by loud and unreasonable noises/language, littering, rummaging through dumpsters, behaving in a threatening manner, or creating a nuisance.


Trespassing is an activity where a person knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon the premises or property of another. As part of this program, owners/managers may request that officers take action when a person is on the property when the premises are closed and they do not have a reasonable purpose for being there. Officers will also take action if a person returns to a location where they have been previously trespassed or if they refuse to leave when requested.

Police Authorization

Enrollment into the Trespass Enforcement Program authorizes officers to trespass an individual from your property without contacting the business owner or property manager for any reason outlined above. By completing the Trespass Authorization form, you are authorizing the officers of Port Angeles Police Department to act as agents of the owner/property management in the barring, or subsequent arrest and prosecution of any persons who refuse a reasonable request to leave given by the officers or who return after being warned, By participating in this program, the owner/manager agrees to appear in court when an arrest is made, if it becomes necessary.