Request Police Records

The Public Records Officer for the Port Angeles Police Department is Carla Jacobi, the Police Records Supervisor. Kari Martinez-Bailey, the Port Angeles City Clerk, is the Public Records Officer for all other records. Other employee's within the City and the Police Department act as Assistant Public Records Officers and do become involved with the receipt of, and response to, requests for records, as coordinated by the named Public Records Officers.

The City of Port Angeles provides public access to current and historical documents under provisions of the Washington State Public Records Act, the City of Port Angeles Municipal Code, and the Washington State Archives Records Retention Schedules .

A request for Police Records can be made online, by email, in-person, by telephone, by FAX, or in writing.

  • Online - use our GovQA portal button below.
  • By email - email
  • In person - at the Police Department lobby (321 East 5th Street, near the William Shore Memorial Pool) during business hours, 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • By telephone - by calling the non-emergency Police phone number (360) 452-4545, or the Police Records Division number (360) 417-4915.
  • By FAX - fax number (360) 417-4537.

Records requests may also be submitted to the Police Department in writing. The Police Department is able to provide the quickest, most complete response when the written request includes - the name of the requestor, date of the request, contact information to include phone, email, physical address, and a clear description of the record(s) requested.

Some police records, not requiring redaction, may be provided at the time of your request. Most police records will have to be reviewed to determine if any information should be exempted (lawfully withheld).

Exemptions to public records are applied in accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act and/or in accordance with other applicable federal and state laws. You can view the Exemption Key used by the City of Port Angeles or see the following for a more complete list of exemptions found outside of the Public Records Act. Agency response to requests for records is not always made in the order received. When response is not provided at the time of the request, the Police Department will provide a response within five business days that will either include the requested record(s), a denial, a future date for delivery of the record(s), or a request for clarification if the original request was not clear enough to identify a valid record.

The Police Department may charge a fee for the copying required in our response to some requests for records. View the possible fees. Please browse the "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information.