Capital Facilities Plan

The Capital Facilities Plan and Transportation Improvement Plan (CFP) is a planning tool that lists current and future City capital facilities projects. It is important to note that just because a project is listed in the CFP, it does not mean funds have been budgeted or are available. This document is a tool for current and long-term planning purposes.

Each year the city is required by the state to adopt a CFP for planning and funding of capital projects. The CFP is a project planning tool which covers all aspects of infrastructure planning within the city. The projects included in the CFP are those that are needed to meet the concurrency requirements of the Growth Management Act (GMA), transportation projects to be included in the TIP, and other capital projects planned for the next six-year period.

The TIP is a transportation planning tool used by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to allocate funding for local agency projects. The WSDOT will not fund transportation projects that are not included in the TIP. Comments received on transportation projects will apply to both the CFP and TIP.

Staff has identified and prioritized projects for consideration by the Council. The CFP and TIP are six-year planning tools. The general approach for project selection and prioritization was based on criteria covering City Council goals, infrastructure needs, community benefits, employment impact, safety, and other factors (mandates, obligations, and outside funding). The departments evaluated the proposed projects and results are forwarded to the City Council for consideration.

The 2024-2029 Capital Facilities Plan & Transportation Improvement Plan (PDF) is now available to download. Please note the file size is large and may take some time to download.

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