Port Angeles Fire Department

FirefightersGate City Fire Company Number 1
In February of 1891, the Port Angeles Fire Department originated as the Gate City Fire Company Number 1. The original 23 mustache toting smoke eaters provided fire protection for the City of Port Angeles on an all-volunteer basis until January of 1893, when they requested compensation of $3 for fires, $1 for alarms, and $0.50 for practice. 

The compensation was for the department rather than the individual.

The Gate City Fire Department had a horse-drawn hook, a ladder, and a double chemical tank on wheels. On September 23, 1926, the city purchased its first motorized pumper called the American LaFrance which could pump 1,000 gallons per minute. This apparatus is on display at the Port Angeles Fire Department.

General Hospital FireGeneral Hospital Fire of 1916
The photograph to the right was taken after the department had fought the fire at the General Hospital. The fire truck in this picture is on display at the Fire Station, having been gifted to the city by Dr. Harlan McNutt.

Circa 1954
The photograph to the right is captioned from 1954, in front of the brand new fire station. The third truck from the left is used today as the Sparky Truck.Fire Department 1954