Customer Service - Utilities

The Customer Service Division is responsible for providing centralized cashiering, meter reading, and utility billing in support of the City’s electric, water, wastewater, solid waste, stormwater, and Medic I utilities. In addition, Customer Service pet licensing service as well as selling parking permits. Customer Service is also responsible for the City switchboard, answering many general questions and is the initial point of contact for many City services.

If you are a landlord and would like to have utilities automatically changed into your name when a tenant vacates, please sign up for the City's auto-on service (PDF).

If you are interested in paying the same amount for utilities every month, with a catch up month once year, look into the Budget Billing Program (PDF).

If you would like to make a monthly or one time donation to help those less fortunate with their utility bills, please consider our Pass the Buck Program (PDF).

If money is tight and you need a little help with paying for utilities, look into the City's Utility Discount Program (PDF) or contact one of the several Local Resources (PDF) who may be able to provide assistance.