City Taxes

Sales Tax

Effective April 1, 2020, local sales and use tax within the City of Port Angeles will increase one-tenth of one percent (.001). The tax will be used for housing and related services.

To view the Local Sales Tax change notice for the City of Port Angeles Housing and Related Services Tax, please click here.

For more information regarding tax rates, please click here to visit Washington State Department of Revenue’s website.

Taxes levied on Telephone Businesses

The City of Port Angeles collects a tax on any firm or corporation engaged in the telecommunications business for hire, for sale, or as a service within or partly within the corporate limits. A no cost Occupation License is necessary to carry out this business. Please see Section 5.80.020 and 5.80.030 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code (PAMC) for further details.

Gambling Tax

Chapter 3.52 of the PAMC allows for the collection of gambling tax on proceeds from Punchboards, Pulltabs and Commercial Cardrooms. An "Intent to Gamble" form must be submitted prior to the implementation of gambling.

Commercial Parking Tax

Chapter 3.60 of the PAMC allows for the collection of a Commercial Parking Tax.

Property Tax

The City does not collect property tax and does not have any information regarding the amount collected from or owed by an individual. All property tax is collected by the Clallam County Treasurer and then distributed to the various agencies. Please see the County’s web page for details.

Tax Forms

Telephone Tax Occupation License Form (PDF)
Gambling Tax Intent to Gamble Form (PDF)
Gambling Tax Remittance Form (PDF)
Commercial Parking Tax Remittance Form (PDF)