Peabody Water Quality Project

Project status_Complete
The Peabody Water Quality Project will install up to 8 Filterra units on street corners to treat Stormwater runoff from road and sidewalk surfaces.

Project Goal
Reduce fecal coliform bacteria and other pollutants from flowing into Peabody Creek. 

What is a Filterra Unit?
A Filterra unit is similar in concept to bioretention (rain gardens), but has been optimized for a small footprint with high pollutant removal.  Stormwater passes through a filter media mixture contained in a landscaped concrete container.

Project Budget
Construction Estimate:
The City has been offered a grant from the Department of Ecology of up to $162,750.
Peabody Ck WQ Treatment Retrofit Photo

Project Map

13-05555-000 Pre-Design Report-Peabody Ck WQ Treatment Retrofit 2014 01 31-25