Request Public Records

Request Public Records

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On March, 24 2020, the Governor issued Proclamation 20-28. The proclamation is one of several that has been issued concerning the current public health crisis involving COVID-19. This particular proclamation, temporarily changes some of the processes involved with public records and the delivery of records.

The proclamation temporarily suspends Public Records Act (PRA) language requiring agencies to provide the ability for the public to conduct PRA business at an agency office, in-person, such as in-person inspection of records or in-person submission of PRA requests.

The proclamation also temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that agency offices must be open for public inspection and copying of public records for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Agencies must still have their hours posted on their websites.

The proclamation also temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that agencies respond to PRA requests within five business days.


The City uses GovQA to track and respond to public record requests.  Click the link below to access the online record requesting system.  

To submit a requust, please use the GovQA online portal, email, or call 360-417-4634.

To request records from the Port Angeles Police Department, please use the GovQa online records portal, or call the Records Division Direct Line at 360-417-4915.

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