Patrol Division

Port Angeles Police Department's Patrol Division is comprised of two 11-officer squads (the Blue Team and the Red Team) for a total of 22 officers. There are 18 patrol officers, four corporals, and two sergeants. Each squad has a K-9 team. The Patrol Division works 11-hour shifts with four days on duty followed by four days off duty. Officers rotate every six months from a day shift to a night shift.

Police Department logo with blue badge and City of Port Angeles logo

In addition, a uniformed school resource officer (assigned to the Detective Division), a uniformed downtown resource officer, and a uniformed administrative sergeant support the Patrol Division in their regular activities.

Patrol service includes all of the traditional duties and also allows officers the opportunity to serve in many specialty assignments. Specialty assignments include K-9 handler, school resource officer, field training officer, hostage negotiation officer, downtown resource officer, etc.

A non-commissioned parking enforcement officer supplements patrol services. An administrative sergeant performs special duties during the day shift, including management of several programs such as volunteers, special events, and departmental accreditation.

Detective Division

Our Detective Division includes three detectives, one detective corporal, and two detective sergeants. The current School Resource Officer, Kyle Cooper, is located in the Detective Division. The Detective Division is responsible for most felony investigations.

Records Division

The Records Division of the Port Angeles Police Department is often the public's first contact with this agency. The Records Division maintains a high level of customer service to everyone who comes to the station.

As an integral component in the operation of the department, the function of this division is to provide a variety of services to the public, commissioned officers, prosecutors, attorneys, insurance companies, city departments, and other police agencies.

Records Specialists are exceptional personnel and handle an extremely heavy workload. In addition to answering all non-emergency phone calls and staffing the public access counter, employees from this division also provide a variety of other services.

Evidence Unit

The Port Angeles Police Department Property and Evidence Unit supports the commissioned officers of the Police Department and the citizens of Port Angeles with their property/evidence needs. A member of the Records Division staff is assigned full time to Property and Evidence.