Police Department

Mission Statement

The Port Angeles Police Department recognizes its mission to serve in a compassionate, courteous, and professional manner, to promote freedom and peace of mind, pride in our neighborhoods, and the safety of our families.

Police Department Squad Cars

Port Angeles Police Blotter

The Port Angeles Police Department is committed to providing information to the community in a variety of ways. The online Police Blotter describes daily incidents and crimes occurring within City limits and shares departmental news with the public. This information is also available on the Port Angeles Police Department Official Facebook page

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Public Notices

Port Angeles Police Department has created a Strategic Plan (PDF) for Department use, as well as public viewing. Feel free to review it and contact us with any comments or questions.

Port Angeles Police Department has a YouTube channel.

Please see our 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness Public Service Video, Port Angeles Police Department Promotional Video, and the Stories from PAPD!

Roles & Responsibilities

The Port Angeles Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the citizens and visitors of the city while providing a broad range of services designed to protect persons and property. The safety of our families and the community is crucial to a successful community.

Port Angeles is partnered with PAARI, the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative.

Public Information

PAPD has published their Use of Force policy.

Station Tours

Station tours can be arranged upon request. Please call 360-452-4545 to arrange a tour.


Call 911 should you have an emergency, or call 360-452-4545 for general information.

Refer to your telephone book for information regarding other emergency assistance. For further emergency preparedness information, please visit the Clallam County Emergency Management website.

Promises Made Promises Kept Presentation Cover with flag background

Promises Made - Promises Kept

I promise to uphold my Oath of Office and the laws of Washington, the United States, the policies of the Port Angeles Police Department, and our mission at all times. I further promise to remember every day that I chose this career calling because I believed then - as I believe now - that I can truly make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The slide is also available with full effects and audio.