City Utilities

Current Utility Services

As a full service City, we provide the community with electricity, garbage collection, recycling and yard waste collection, water, wastewater (sewer), and stormwater services at competitive rates and in compliance with all state and federal standards.

Utility bills are sent out every month to approximately 10,600 households and businesses. Billing cycles vary, which means the date your payment is due may be different from your neighbors. On the first bill, there is a $25 service charge for electric and water connection. This is a one-time connect charge.

The City’s Meter Readers use hand-held microcomputers to record your meter readings. These devices feed information directly into the City’s central computer, which makes meter reading faster and more accurate, and helps us to quickly prepare your utility bill. Our Meter Readers also store information about meter location, such as how to access the meter, whether there are pets on the property, or if there are day sleepers at the home.

Discounts and Donation Program

We offer a number of solutions and resources to customers who may need assistance paying utility bills. To learn more about our Utility Discount Application and other resources for financial assistance, or to make a donation that helps those less fortunate with utility bills, please visit the Utility Discount & Donations page. 

Learn More about City Utilities

Contact the City of Port Angeles at (360) 457-0411, or email with any questions, to create a payment plan, or to find out more information about any of the above listed programs.

Important Utilities Resources