Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA)

PPA Logo - Full Color - JPGThe goal of Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA) in Port Angeles is to help businesses avoid polluting local waters, reduce the impacts of stormwater pollution, and eliminate potential sources of toxic materials and dangerous waste.

The Pollution Prevention Partnership is comprised of representatives from cities, counties, and health districts. Funding assistance is provided by the Department of Ecology and allows the program to provide free hands-on-assistance to Small Quantity Generators* (typically small businesses and organizations) who wish to improve their practices by reducing impacts to human health and the environment.

This is accomplished through technical assistance visits that are designed to reduce or eliminate hazardous waste and pollutants at the source. A local Pollution Prevention Specialist will meet with your organization to evaluate current activities and practices. They will discuss concerns, observations, solutions, and work directly to help solve common challenges around dangerous wastes, stormwater, solid waste, and spill prevention. This collaborative process limits liability, reduces risk, and improves work environments

Pollution Prevention Specialist - Ready to Assist

The City's Pollution Prevention Specialist offers free, hands-on assistance to help businesses find and resolve potential pollution issues. By working with the City’s PPA Specialist, you can stay on top of regulatory changes, protect employee health, and reduce polluted stormwater runoff at its source. 

This approach not only protects our City’s water quality and standard of living, but also saves businesses money through conservation of resources, improved worker safety and satisfaction, reduced regulatory overhead, avoidance of spills and costly cleanups, reducing the cost of waste treatment and disposal, and decreasing liability.

This position is 100% grant funded through the Washington State Department of Ecology's PPA Partnership. This partnership gives the City's Pollution Prevention Specialist access to the resources and expertise of twenty-five partner jurisdictions around the State of Washington.

Qualified Businesses

This program is for businesses that:

  • Are classified as Small Quantity Waste Generators (SQG)
  • Create less than 220 lbs. of dangerous wastes per month (excluding properly stored and labeled used oil and antifreeze)
  • Accumulate less than 2,200 lbs. of dangerous wastes (excluding properly stored and labeled used oil and antifreeze)

You will be provided with:

  • Inspection of dangerous waste handling and storage facilities
  • No charge, on-site dangerous waste evaluation
  • Recommendations to fix any issues we find

What to expect:

  • Free, on-site technical assistance visits are available to be scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business and daylight hours
  • Most evaluations take 30 to 60 minutes

Businesses within Port Angeles city limits and its urban growth areas are welcome to participate in the voluntary program.


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Port Angeles is home to a very unique environment within the Olympic Mountains, nestled alongside the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Many mountain-fed streams run right through our City as they make their way to the Strait, picking up pollution from storm drains in the process. As a result, stormwater pollution has become a serious problem for both wildlife and citizens using these waterways for fishing, boating, and swimming. 

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To learn more about Pollution Prevention Assistance, please visit the Department of Ecology’s website.