Snow Removal

Snow Removal Procedures
Parked snow plow truck.Icy street conditions or snowfall will initiate mobilization of deicing / sanding / plowing equipment in accordance with the following priorities:
  • Priority #1 - Main arterials considered to be the minimum network which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and emergency rescue units
  • Priority #2 -All remaining arterials, selected collectors and bus routes
  • Priority #3 - Other arterials completing the network covering the major traffic volume streets and providing access to all schools
  • Priority #4 - All remaining streets, such as residential
We kindly request your patience. The City has limited equipment to clear 144 miles of roads. The Street Division has six employees available for around-the-clock snow removal operations.

If snowfall or freezing rain resumes before we arrive on your street, it means we have gone back to remove additional snowfall on Priority #1 streets.

Parking on the Street
The more cars that are off the streets, the faster and more efficient job we can do clearing the roadway. If you have a driveway, please remove your vehicle from the street if possible.

Snowy road lined with snowy trees.Blocked Driveways
It is inevitable that driveways will be blocked during plowing operations. We're sorry for this inconvenience, but it cannot be avoided. Snow removal can be a monumental task, and we appreciate your understanding.
How You Can Help
Report potholes and icy intersections by calling 360-417-4825. If you reach a voicemail, please leave your information. The supervisor will be monitoring these messages from the field.

Thank you from your Public Works and Utilities Streets Division!