Regional Transfer Station

The Regional Transfer Station is operated by the City of Port Angeles, and is located at the end of West 18th Street. For main driving routes to the Transfer Station, please refer to this directions map (PDF).

Please note: The Regional Transfer Station is closed on Sundays and legal holidays.  

Customers unload inside a 17,000-square-foot building, and the waste is compacted for shipment to Roosevelt Landfill in eastern Washington.

The City of Port Angeles will establish an account for individuals and businesses that make frequent trips to the Transfer Station. Click here for a credit application (PDF).

Please find a brochure on Transfer Station Rates here.

Port Angeles Regional Transfer Station
  1. Rates
  2. Recycle Center
  3. Scrap Metal Pile
  4. Demolition Debris
  5. Hazardous Waste Disposal
  6. Electronics Disposal

Self Haul Rates:

  • Minimum Charge $10
  • Municipal Solid Waste: $244.03 per ton
  • Yard Waste:  $253.52 per ton - No bags please (No sod, rocks, dirt, bark & soil)
  • Metal for Recycling: $117.40 per ton (Minimum fee $10.00)
    • Must be in separate loads to qualify for the lower rate.
    • There is an additional environmental fee of $39.41 per refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioning unit.
      Units must be empty of garbage and door removed.

Permit Application required for contracted disposal of demolition debris, asbestos, and contaminated soil.

  • Tires: $244.03 per ton (no commercial loads accepted)
  • Asbestos: $449.89 per ton
  • Contaminated Soils: $492.93 per ton
  • Stumps, sod, rocks, dirt, and soil: $244.03 per ton

Solid Waste Management Plan

Clallam County has completed an updated draft of its Solid Waste Management Plan as required by state law (70.95 RCW). The plan is a collaborative effort between Clallam County, Port Angeles and Sequim. The draft plan updates the previous plan developed in 2014 and considers new requirements from the Department of Ecology, the State of Washington, and other stakeholders. The document is a draft and is subject to fine-tuning and changes as all parties review the document and provide comment.

To view the Draft of the Solid Waste Management Plan, please click here.

2good2toss Program

Don't take your items to the Transfer Station, try the 2good2toss website! This online material exchange is a convenient way to exchange large household items and building materials. You can find items for free or $99 or less. Visit the 2good2toss website and help keep materials out of the landfill.