Energy Efficiency for Residents  

  1. No Cost-Low Cost Conservation
  2. Home Improvement Conservation
  3. Thermal Insulation
  4. Window Replacement
  5. Heat Pumps
  6. Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

The average city of Port Angeles household uses 1440 kWh per month, and the largest energy use in these homes is space heating. Making a few changes in the way you heat and use appliances in your home can make a difference in your monthly utility costs. See "Helpful Links" below to learn more. 

What you Can Do to Save Energy

Energy is Power used over a period of Time. When it comes down to it, there are only two ways to save energy. The first way to save is to reduce the Power rating by selecting a lower wattage appliance. The second way that you can save energy is to reduce the amount of Time that you use an appliance. You will save energy by reducing the wattage and/or the amount of time an appliance is on.

  1. Lower your heating thermostat at night and when you are not home. Did you know that for every degree you reduce your thermostat setting, you can reduce the heating portion of your electrical usage by 2%?
  2. Switch to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs, they use 60-75% less energy than regular bulbs. Replace light bulbs in outdoor fixtures and high-use areas, such as the kitchen, first.
  3. Change your energy-using habits by shutting off computers, televisions, stereos, video games, and other appliances when not in use. When you have shut these devices off, unplug electric chargers, televisions, and audio/video equipment, or plug them into a power strip that you can turn off. These devices use electricity even when they are not in use.

To see a more detailed look at how you can save in your home, compare your home's energy performance with other U.S. households at Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick. To get the most accurate information from this free assessment tool, you will need to have your household's past twelve months energy consumption available. If you are a city resident, you can easily access this information via the Utility Information Center page.

Helpful Links

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Low Income Program

While you're making your energy smart decisions on home improvement, don't forget to see if you qualify for our Free Weatherization Program (PDF). To begin, please view income guidelines (PDF). This program has offered many homeowners in the City of Port Angeles free or reduced costs while they are upgrading their home. A click today could save you tomorrow!

We're Here to Help 

If you aren't sure where to start or you have questions about our energy conservation programs, call our Residential Energy Analyst at 360-417-4715 or send us an email. Also feel free to call our conservation hotline anytime at 360-417-4713.