Lodging Tax Advisory Committee


The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee meets as needed, typically four times each year.

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Roles & Responsibilities

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is an advisory group that makes recommendations to the City Council on activities and/or facilities to be funded by lodging excise tax revenues. The committee has representatives who serve on behalf of activities funded by the lodging excise tax and also representatives who serve on behalf of those who collect the lodging excise tax.

Members serve in a volunteer capacity and shall be residents of the city or representatives of businesses within the city.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Membership Application

Lodging Tax Fund

Port Angeles’s Lodging Tax Fund is the primary source of City funding for activities, operations, and expenditures designed to increase tourism. The City does not make any multi-year commitments for tourism promotion services. However, service providers are not limited or prohibited from making annual requests of the same nature or subsequent phase.

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