Role of the Fire Administration

Administration oversees each of the department's operating divisions, conducts planning and research, program development, public relations, recruitment, emergency management coordination, and budgeting.


The Port Angeles Fire Department provides emergency services through a combination of career and volunteer firefighters. A staff of 45 is responsible for protecting life and property from fire, hazardous materials incidents, natural or man-made disasters, as well as for responding to medical emergencies. Divisions within the Port Angeles Fire Department fulfill and support these responsibilities:

Fire Administration Responsibilities

Fire Suppression Division

The Fire Suppression Division responds to emergency calls performing technical rescue when needed and to protect life and property from fires. Personnel from this division are involved in extensive training and also assist with fire and life safety inspections for local business.

Fire Prevention / Education Division

The Fire Prevention / Education Division attempts to prevent and reduce the impact of the variety of emergencies to which Fire Department personnel potentially respond by providing fire and life safety education to the public.

In addition, the Fire Prevention Division works with developers and contractors to maximize life safety through the building design and construction process. The Fire Department also works with building owners to ensure that life safety is maintained after a building is occupied.

Medic 1 Division

The Medic 1 Division provides both basic and advanced life support services for city residents. Medic 1 personnel respond to all fire calls and special operations incidents involving injuries. The Medic 1 Division also provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid classes designed to provide citizens with the skills necessary to help save a life.

Training Division

The Training Division provides fire department personnel with the training necessary to competently and safely respond to a broad range of emergencies. The Training Division is also responsible for vehicle and facility maintenance.

In order for the Fire Department to effectively and safely prevent and/or mitigate the variety of incidents to which it responds, its personnel must be adequately prepared through a comprehensive training program. Training of personnel, or professional development, involves not only conducting hands-on skills practice, but also providing opportunities for formal education and enrollment in association.