City Pier Vicinity Repairs

City Pier Vicinity Repair
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In 2019, a portion of sidewalk was closed following an up-heaving and subsequent trip-and-fall incident. During the initial investigation of the damaged sidewalk, large tree roots and a failed stormwater line were identified as the cause of the damage. The stormwater outfall structure is located adjacent to the sidewalk and embedded in the shoreline Rip Rap armoring. Since that time, the damaged section of sidewalk has remained closed and an environmental permitting process took place. All environmental clearances were secured on September 13, 2023. 

Two sections of the shoreline armoring adjacent to the sidewalk repair have exposed native soil and require Rip Rap augmentation to protect the bank and adjacent sidewalk. Both sections will be fortified as part of this project.

In addition, all pedestrian ramps within the City Pier parking lot, including the corner of N. Lincoln and E. Railroad Ave., will be replaced and made ADA compliant.