Clean Energy Implementation Plan

the City of Port Angeles is developing its first clean energy implementation plan (CEIP). Developing a CEIP is a requirement under Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). A CEIP is intended to identify a utility’s plans over the following four years to meet CETA’s 2030 greenhouse gas neutral standard and 2045 100% clean electricity standard.

The CEIP will include:

  • Interim target for the percentage of retail load to be served using renewable and non-emitting resources during 2022–2025
  • Specific targets for energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy for 2022–2025
  • Specific actions the City will take between 2022–2025 to reach those targets
  • Identification of highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations
  • Report of the forecasted distribution of energy and nonenergy costs and benefits for the City’s portfolio of specific actions
  • Description of how the City intends to reduce risks to highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations associated with the transition to clean energy.

the City of Port Angeles will submit this first CEIP to the Washington Department of Commerce by January 1, 2022 and will develop and submit subsequent CEIPs every four years.

Presentations will be linked below as available.

Approved Plan 

Approved  by City Council on January 4, 2022,