Draft Codes Under Review

Since June 1890, the City has been adopting municipal ordinances. Now in 2020, the City’s Port Angeles Municipal Code  has grown to include 241 chapters divided among 17 titles. On several occasions over the past 15 years, city councils and city staff have recognized that the City’s municipal code would benefit from a thorough review followed by updates, amendments, and in some cases, reorganization or repeal of selected chapters and titles. ​​

​On August 4, 2020, City Council approved agreements to employ Madrona Law Group and MAKERS Architecture and Urban Design, LLP, to assist with a code rewrite. These two firms will work together and collaborate to produce an outstanding product. Madrona will be reviewing a majority of the municipal code based on the City’s objectives. Madrona is a firm that specializes in Washington municipal law, and they have performed code audits and updates for many other cities. MAKERS has a particular focus on planning, zoning, and development codes and will be focused on the updates to the zoning, building, and development codes, and addresses every title of the PAMC except Titles 14, 16, and 17.

Draft Code First Reading Second Reading Final Version
Draft Code Enforcement Provisions Ordinance October 19, 2021 November 3, 2021 Ord. #3681
Draft Residential Building Capacity Ordinance December 7, 2021 December 21, 2021 Ord. #3688
Draft Title 1 - General Provisions  Scheduled for March 21, 2023 Scheduled for April 4, 2023         n/a
Draft Title 9 - Public Peace and Safety Scheduled for March 21, 2023 Scheduled for April 4, 2023  
Draft Title 17 - Land Use Code Ordinance March 7, 2023 Scheduled for March 21, 2023