Strategic Plan

In February of 2021, Council held a two-day Strategic Plan two-day retreat on February 4 and 5 led by facilitator Jim Cooper. Mr. Cooper guided the discussions through a SCOT analysis: Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats, and helped define issues of critical importance. 

By Council consensus, the 2021-22 Strategic Plan goals and focus areas were finalized and accepted at the regular City Council meeting on February 16, 2021. Staff added four (4) additional focus areas under the Housing and Homelessness Issue of Critical Importance (ICI). The Council first viewed the resolution and Strategic Plan document on March 2. The Council identified some changes they wished to have made and asked that the Strategic Plan be revisited at their next meeting. A primary request was to utilize a term other than metric for the ICI related details. Staff has now identified these as focus areas. In addition to this change staff has made some enhancements for clarity to the Strategic Plan graphic. The resolution has been attached which will officially adopt the 2021-22 Strategic Plan and the Strategic Plan itself is exhibit A to that resolution. The focus areas Council and staff developed are identified in that exhibit. This graphic identifies the 4 ICI’s, the goals, and the focus areas of each. 

Also discussed at the March 2nd meeting was a desire to see how the Strategic Plan is being implemented through the City Work Plan prior to passing the resolution. Staff are pleased to present the Draft City of Port Angeles 2021 Work Plan. This document provides a brief overview of the City’s major projects and activities. The Work Plan does not include most of the routine projects or programs. Instead, it focuses on the major projects that are planned throughout the City’s various departments. It takes a significant amount of work on a daily basis to provide municipal services to the citizens and businesses within the City of Port Angeles. The delivery of utilities, public safety services and recreational activities need legal, financial and planning support; this assistance is labor intensive and requires long-term planning and oversight. These services are what most citizens would probably refer to as “routine” and “expected.” Perhaps what may be less obvious is the incredible amount of work being accomplished “behind the scenes.” 

The City’s Work Plan is intended to be a communications tool between City Council and Staff to convey implementation of the Councils strategic plan. The City Council may also use the Work Plan as a communications tool with the community. 

It is the desire of staff to provide a Work Plan that clearly identifies the 2021-2022 Strategic Plan goals and focus areas within the document itself. Each department has identified which ICI’s their project meets so Council can identify how Work Plan items are implemented and can see expectations for completion in the 2021 calendar year. Some items on the workplan are currently unresourced. Know that staff will be striving to identify resources in support of these items as we feel they are important to the implementation of the Strategic Plan. 

Both the Strategic Plan and the Work Plan are available on the City’s website.

2021-2022 Strategic Plan