2023 Council Legislative Priorities

City Council has established legislative priorities which will be utilized throughout the year to share with State and Federal legislators. The following are City of Port Angeles' Legislative Priorities for 2023, as approved by Council on January 18, 2023. 

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Adequate and Non-Regressive Tax Structure

Build a more just and equitable tax code for Washington State. Those with the least should not pay the most. Establishing a non-regressive tax structure will create a strong and resourceful future for Washington’s communities and support the welfare of all its citizens.

Joint Public Safety Facility

The City requests $5.7M to co-locate City of Port Angeles and Clallam County emergency operations. The current 911 Dispatch facility is small and its location is seismically unsuitable. The communications room, which houses emergency operations communication equipment, requires expensive upgrades to meet future demands. A joint and modern facility will allow the City and County to provide the most efficient, innovative and sustainable lifesaving services to our community as it grows.

Transportation Infrastructure

The City seeks to partner with the State to complete the Tumwater 101 Interchange. The current interchange, located at the intersection of US101 and SR117, limits movement from the Port Angeles Harbor to locations heading east. This project will improve safety and freight mobility by allowing full movements for freight travel to and from Port Angeles’ industrial waterfront without utilizing the downtown corridor. New ramps will be added and channelization improved to accommodate freight traffic without conflict. The estimated total cost of the project is $7.75M. The City needs $7.525M to complete construction.

Accessible Child Care

The pandemic created shortages in childcare programs and exacerbated an already limited service in our community. The City has allocated ARPA funds to support the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs, two vital providers. However, this support has merely helped these organizations to catch up from losses caused by COVID-19. To improve access to quality and affordable programs, State support is needed. 

Fund the Olympic Peninsula YMCA’s Early Learning Center

$2.0M is needed to build a centrally located, 8,000 sq. ft. facility planned to serve up to 92 children, ages 0-5. Additional benefits include improved local workforce recruitment and retention, and the creation of 15 new jobs.

Fund Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula (BGCOP) initiatives

Through a pilot program and in partnership with the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, BGCOP provides specialized support to address behavioral health concerns and mental wellbeing. The City asks Legislature to invest in our youth by extending this pilot through 2025. Support is also requested for the BGCOP Youth Development Grant and Academic Innovation and Mentoring programs.

We also support: 

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