Code Enforcement

           Role and Responsibility 

Code Enforcement is a division of the Port Angeles Police Dept. Its our mission to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the citizens of the City of Port Angeles by providing effective public service in the enforcement 

Departmental Objectives

Our purpose is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City by protecting the quality of life within the City and by providing standards for the appearance and condition of properties; to protect the expectations of the citizens of the City to enjoy their dwellings and property without being subjected to unpleasant conditions; and to protect property values.

Note: It is the policy of the City of Port Angeles to emphasize code compliance by education and prevention as a first step.

To better assess that a violation of the Port Angeles Municipal Code has occurred, we ask that the citizen reporting the violation, complete a Public Nuisance Complaint Form. This allows the Code Enforcement Dept. to process the complaint with information needed. Incomplete information can possibly lead to delays in processing the complaint.

Try the new online form here or fill out a physical copy of the Public Nuisance Compliant Form and E-Mail to Code Enforcement or print the form and mail it to 321 E 5th Street ATTN: Police Department—Code Enforcement, Port Angeles WA 98362.

If you prefer to report a violation in person, please contact non-emergent dispatch at 360-452-4545. A Code Enforcement Officer will be glad to assist you in talking about a violation and filling out the form.

It is the City’s policy to investigate and to attempt to resolve all potential code violations. Potential violations may be processed in any order that maximizes the efficiency of enforcement. However, at times, not all potential code violations can be investigated due to lack of resources or a more serous violation has occurred and needs addressed before less serious potential violations.

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