Pump Station 3 Replacement

Project Background

Pump Station 3 is located at the intersection of Marine Drive and Hill Street. Pump Station No. 3 and its 12-inch pressure sewer were constructed in 1969 as part of a project that created the cross-town collector system and the City’s first wastewater treatment plant. During a December 2018 wind storm the pump station 3 dry well flooded, submerging all equipment, rendering the Pump Station inoperable. A temporary fix was put in place; however, it requires increased attention by City operations crews. 

Replacement of the pump station is the implementation of the permanent fix, and part of a multi-phase plan to increase pump station’s capacity in order to address the increasing development and expansion of its service area on the West side of Port Angeles and the Western Urbanized Growth Area. 

Design Phase

The City of Port Angeles entered into a Professional Service Agreement with Kennedy Jenks Consultants of Seattle, Washington for Design and Construction support for the Pump Station 3 Replacement.

Construction Phase

The construction phase of the Pump Station 3 Replacement was competitively bid in May 2020, with Construction Schedule for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020. Interwest Construction, Inc, of Burlington, Washington was the low responsible bidder.

This construction contract includes the following components:

  • Disassembly of the existing pump station

  • Installation of a pumping bypass system for use during construction

  • Installation of a wet well mounted Smith & Loveless pump station 

  • Installation of a pump station control panel

  • Installation of a security fence around the facility

  • Installation of an emergency generator.