The REdisCOVERY Program involves an embedded full time Social Worker (MSW) riding and working closely with specially assigned PAPD Officers and a team of Community Change Agents working as navigators and "light touch" case managers. The REdisCOVERY team coordinates with a number of agencies in Clallam County. The REdisCOVERY team responds to mental health crises in the field as well as proactively conducts outreach in the community. These contacts have resulted in meaningful linkages to mental health, substance abuse, medical services, housing and shelter, food bank, crisis services, transportation, and other necessities. The REdisCOVERY goal is to help people before their circumstances lead to an arrest or hospitalization. The Port Angeles Fire Department also has a "Community Paramedic" program which works in partnership with our REdisCOVERY team. Filling the gaps through collaboration the teams have developed productive and effective professional relationships with community partners that assist our community members to engage in the appropriate service at the appropriate time with the least amount of resistance. Visit Olympic Peninsula Community Clinic for more information.

To reach a member of the REdisCOVERY team please call 360-457-4431, send an email to or find them at