Climate Action Plan


The 2019 City Work Plan included an item that called for the creation of a local working group to put together a community driven Climate Action Plan. This community driven Climate Action Plan included proposed strategies and actions for both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.  A City Climate Action Planning Group (CAPG) was formed and met regularly from January to October 2019. The group prepared a report containing recommendations and strategies for the creation of a Climate Action Plan for consideration by the City Council.

On November 6, 2019 the City Council voted to recommend this Planning Commission Subcommittee achieve the following from the CAPG Resiliency Plan (pulled directly from the CAPG Resiliency Plan: Recommendations Addressing Climate Change, pg. 3):

The Planning Commission Climate Action Subcommittee met twice a month between December 2019 and February 2020. The Subcommittee recommended approval of an 18-month workplan that included a greenhouse gas inventory, supply chain analysis, and public participation plan with the anticipation of a final Climate Resilience Plan being completed and approved by City Council in June of 2021. These three tasks were to be supported by community volunteer groups. 

Due to City Council strategic plan priorities and workload requirements, on February 18, 2019 staff recommended that the City Council approve a professional services agreement with an estimated cost of $50,000 to manage the FEWsion project, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) inventory, consider action items and strategies that would emphasize city-wide energy-use reduction, and draft of a climate resiliency plan for Planning Commission review.

City Council made five motions in response to staff’s request, including amending their previous motion in order to remove recommending a Planning Commission Subcommittee be created—as well as removal of the same recommendation from the CAPG "Summary of Recommendations"—and pursue a professional services agreement to manage the FEWsion project, ICLEI inventory, and draft a climate action plan for staff review. This authorization contemplates a joint approach with Clallam County, in collaboration with Clallam County if the County is willing to participate and with collaboration with community volunteers.

If you would like to participate in the process, get any updates on the Plans development, or have questions regarding the Climate Action Plan please contact Planning Staff at: or 360-417-4750.

Meetings and Agendas
December 11, 2019 Meeting Agenda Packet |  Audio Recording
January 8, 2020 Meeting Agenda Packet | Audio Recording
January 22, 2020 Meeting Agenda Packet | Audio Recording
January 29, 2020 Meeting Agenda Packet | Audio Recording
February 12, 2020 Meeting Agenda Packet | Audio Recording
February 26, 2020 Meeting Agenda Packet | Audio Recording

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