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The City of Port Angeles will replace customers' electric and water meters with “smart meters.” More than two-thirds of existing meters within the City are well over their expected service life—the oldest was installed in 1957. The new meters are extremely accurate, fairly measure what each customer uses and provide new possibilities for managing our water and power resources.

The new meters need an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system to fully use their “smart” potential. AMI allows the meters to send overall use readings through the City's protected wireless network. Based on those readings, the AMI system provides information on utility bills that helps customers manage their electricity and water consumption if they choose to do so. The City uses AMI to analyze use patterns across our community, helping us manage our resources far better than we can with the existing manual system.

Weighing all available options, the City determined in 2010 that transition to an AMI system is the most sensible course for our community in the short-term and in the long run.

We started installing the meters and AMI system in 2011. The work continues, although the pace is slower than expected. To diagnose and resolve technology and other issues causing delays, the Public Works and Utilities Department hired an outside contractor with AMI expertise (approved by City Council on October 15, 2013). Updates on the findings and project schedule will be provided on this page and through direct communications with customers.



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