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Welcome to your Permit Information Center. Here, you can find out how to apply for a permit and information about the permitting process. The City's one-stop permit center is located in the main lobby of City Hall, 321 East Fifth Street, Port Angeles, Washington. Office hours are from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday.

The City’s engineering, planning and building professionals are readily available to assist you with your application for a variety of development permits and explain the review process to you.

Knowledgeable staff also can direct you to other department staff people with the most expertise to answer questions about other City services.


Electrical Department (360) 417-4735   / Public Works Department (360) 417-4831
Fire Department (360) 417-4653   /    Building Department (360) 417-4817

NEW! Residential Building Permit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet

Zoning Map
Click to view in PDF Format / Use the Zoom feature to view the area you are interested in

If you are thinking about where to locate an outdoor hot tub - be sure it is NOT located under any power lines and that you have all the necessary permits! Remember the three P's. . . . . Plan - Prepare - Permit. Safety first!


All applications can be picked up at City Hall between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Or download the forms below, print, fill out completely and return to City Hall. Your application and site plan must be complete to be accepted for review.

Permits are required for these construction activities and land use approvals:

  • Building
  • Demolition / New Construction
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Signs
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Clearing and Grading (sites over one acre or ESA)
  • Right of way use
  • Construction

Permitting Timelines
Below is a list of permits and the permitting timelines for each type of permit or approval.
Please click image to view in PDF format or select from list below.

Permitting Timeline chart

Download Building Permit ApplicationNEW !!! Residential Building Permit Informational Packet (includes FAQ sheet)

Download Building Permit ApplicationPermitting Timelines
Download Building Permit ApplicationBoundary Line Adjustment
Download Building Permit ApplicationBuilding, Mechanical, Plumbing and Sign Permit Fee Listing
Download Building Permit Application
Structural Design Criteria & Codes in Effect
Download Building Permit ApplicationSpecial Inspection Form
Download Building Permit ApplicationVision Clearance Safety Triangle (fences, etc)
Download Building Permit ApplicationZoning Development Standards (setbacks, etc)
Download Building Permit ApplicationCertificate of Occupancy Application
Download Building Permit ApplicationFire-Related Permit Application
Download Building Permit ApplicationErosion & Sediment Control Practices
Download Building Permit ApplicationInspections & Signing Up for Utilities Guide
Download Building Permit ApplicationSample Site Plan
Download Building Permit ApplicationResidential Fire Sprinklers and/or Fire Alarms
Download Building Permit ApplicationBuilding - Plumbing - Mechanical Permit
Download Building Permit ApplicationResidential Plans Guidelines
Download Building Permit ApplicationManufactured Home Requirements
Download Building Permit ApplicationManufactured Home and/or Garage Plan Review Guidelines
Download Building Permit ApplicationPrescriptive Energy Code Form
Download Building Permit ApplicationSign Permit Application Form
Download Building Permit ApplicationElectrical Work Permit - Commercial - Application Form

Download Building Permit ApplicationElectrical Work Permit - Residential - Application Form
Click to downloadElectrical Information Form

Click to downloadElectric Service Requirements & Guidelines
Download Building Permit ApplicationPools & Spas
Download Building Permit ApplicationVariance Application

Note: If your project has an Electrical permit, a Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler System Permit, and/or a Public Works permit (common Public Works Dept. permit types: sewer, water, driveway, curb, alley restoration, right of way, etc.) get the Electrical, Fire and Public Works final approvals first, before calling for the Final Building Inspection.


Electrical Department (360) 417-4735   / Public Works Department (360) 417-4831
Fire Department (360) 417-4653   /    Building Department (360) 417-4815

Land Use Permits are required for:

  • Zoning Code Amendments including Rezones
  • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Reviews
  • Conditional or Special Use Permits
  • Wetland Permits
  • Shoreline Permits
  • Subdivisions
  • Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Variances

Download Conditional Use Permit Application Conditional Use Permit Application Form

Environmental Checklist (SEPA)
State Environmental Policy Act logoThe State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Chapter 43.21C RCW, requires all governmental agencies to consider the environmental impacts of a proposal before making decisions.

An environmental impact statement (EIS) must be prepared for all proposals with probable significant adverse impacts on the quality of the environment.

The purpose of this checklist is to provide information to help you and the agency identify impacts from your proposal (and to reduce or avoid impacts from the proposal, if it can be done) and to help the agency decide whether an EIS is required.

Some questions ask about governmental regulations, such as zoning, shoreline, and landmark designations.You must answer each question to the best of your knowledge. In most cases you should be able to answer the questions from your own observations or project plans without the need to hire experts. If you have problems please ask the City Department of Community Development employees to assist you.

The SEPA Environmental Checklist is available at City Hall during normal business hours or can be downloaded below. Please return thoroughly completed applications to City Hall. Complete answers to the questions will avoid unnecessary delays later.

Download Environmental Checklist (SEPA) Environmental Checklist (SEPA)






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