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Metro-Net is one of the first city-wide wireless systems in the nation designed to improve public safety and increase affordable internet access for residents and businesses.

As one of the first city-wide WiFi systems in the nation, and the only one to share infrastructure with a separate first-responder network, Metro-Net will enable fire and police departments to have dedicated, on-demand access to information vital to public safety.

For example, firefighters can pull up building plans when fighting fires and police can view images captured by video cameras on the waterfront from their police cars. At the same time, city residents and businesses can be online anywhere in the city, making it possible to work in a park, in a restaurant, on the beach, or at home, any time of day.

Metro-Net, which was designed and built by Capacity Provisioning, Inc., now Wave Business, will be made available to the public through a non-exclusive partnership with local ISP OlyPen, which will then share subscription revenues with the City of Port Angeles.

"This is truly a win / win / win. Police and fire can work and respond more efficiently, residents will have a low-cost internet service solution, and revenue from these WiFi accounts will go towards the city's operation and maintenance costs," said Port Angeles Mayor Cherie Kidd. "With Metro-Net, people and businesses anywhere within the city can connect with the rest of the world. This makes Port Angeles the place to be for business expansion and economic development opportunities." Metro-Net is funded, in part, by a $2.6 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) sub-grant.