Landfill Bluff Stabilization Project

The Port Angeles Landfill Cell Stabilization Project construction contract has been awarded. The contractor has already begun mobilization of equipment and placement of erosion control devices at the landfill site. This project will relocate approximately 400,000 cubic yards of refuse and requires the use of several large haul trucks and heavy equipment. Construction truck traffic will be crossing the public access road (extension of West 18th St.) in multiple locations. During the project, public access on the landfill site will be reduced to one lane of traffic between the entrance gate and the recycling drop off area. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers to allow for entrance and exit to the transfer station, and to keep the public safe during movement of heavy equipment.

The success of this project depends upon the cooperation of the public following the direction of traffic control devices and flaggers when delivering waste to the transfer station and the recycling area.

Please allow extra time to travel. Safety of the public and motorists is a top priority during the project. Please drive courteously and obey all traffic signs and especially the posted speed limit of 15 MPH.

Our goal is to complete the project safely with as little inconvenience as possible to the public. The workers appreciate your understanding and patience.

For more information contact Jeremy Pozernick, Project Manager, at (360) 417-4807, or by email.

City Engineer Mike Puntenney presented the following information to City Council during a work session on January 29, 2013.The presentation addresses Port Angeles Landfill (PALF) cell stabilization and protection. Also presenting were consultants from Herrera. The presentation covered history, current status, possible solutions, environmental concerns, and approximate costs.

Background Information
The city and the Department of Ecology (Ecology) issued a joint news release on January 2, 2013 where Ecology first affirmed commitment to give priority attention to the city on technical, financial, and regulatory matters.

"We appreciate Ecology's efforts to help the city deal with the unprecedented financial burden of inherited environmental problems. While final grant determinations are subject to availability of funds, knowing Ecology is committed to partnering for these funding opportunities is significant. Addressing issues now will provide long-term benefits for our community, economy, and environment for generations to come. This financial relief is extremely important to our city utility customers".
-Mayor Cherie Kidd.